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Thank for visiting our site. Welcome, we are Columbia Pro Tree Service and we’ve been operating in the tree removal Columbia SC business for years.


About Columbia Pro Tree Service

Our mission is to help our clients deal with problems involving trees, which range from pruningdisease treatment, tree removal, and stump grinding. We also empower our clients by collaborating with them and sharing information that would help maintain the health of their tree.

Our highly skilled arborists are meticulous at what they do. They first conduct research on the area, examine the tree, and offer a unique solution depending on the information accumulated.

Understand that although we’re a tree cutting service, we’re only going to resort to full removal if the specimen is beyond saving. We understand the importance of trees for our environment that’s why we make a point of trying to save them first before opting to cut them down.

This is why we emphasize that clients reach out to us as soon as possible if they suspect that their tree is suffering from a disease or infection. But if it’s too late, we always ensure that your property is in safe hands and that the project will go as smoothly as possible.

We’re also a company that’s insured. That means that if there’s an accident during the job, whether it involves your property or our arborists, you don’t have to worry about added expenses. We protect our staff and clients from unforeseen mishaps.

If you’re interested in acquiring our service, please refer to our contact page which can be found here.

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