Tree trimming is a vital part of the overall well being of a tree. It is not just for removing the presence of undesired branches, you usually trim trees for the following reasons: safety, tree health, and aesthetics. Tree trimming can accomplish many goals, including but not limited to:

Tree Trimming Tips

A tree does not need a routine trimming process. Basically, you trim trees intentionally to permanently change the tree’s structure and appearance. While most of the beautiful mature trees undergo intentional trimming when they are young, the general principles of trimming are identical regardless of its size.

You can always do simple trimming activity on your own. All you need is the right tools for the job like hand-held trimmers and loopers and personal protective equipment for your safety like goggles, helmet and gloves. When trimming mature trees, always remember that trees recover more easily from small wounds compared to large ones, so it’s better to remove smaller branches. Follow these guidelines, provided by the U.S. Forest Service.

Call A Certified Professional

Although tree trimming may not be that hard, there is a strategic method in the process. A couple of  incorrect snips may compromise your tree’s health, the worst is, you can even kill your own tree from over trimming or incorrect trimming of branches. If it is your first time  and you do not know where to begin with, it is highly advisable to call a tree professional/ arborist. They are the expert on this job and can better help you to decide the proper and correct procedures.

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