People share affection and mostly consider trees with sentimental value. May it be for attraction or for fun and engaging activities that features the many uses of trees like treehouse, birdhouse, animal habitat and in some cases used for agricultural purposes. However, once the tree dies, it sets off a major safety risk for not only your property but to neighbors as well.

How to Know If My Tree Is Dead?

This is a rather difficult question to answer plainly. It may look like dead but it could also be inactive and most of the time only a section of the tree is dead with just a few branches affected.

To get an idea of what may be going on, there are some significant indications of a dying or withering tree you can look forward to. However, you need to note that each genus of tree will have some different ways of showing signs and symptoms of it dying. Professionals specifically suggest downloading an app such as Purdue Tree Doctor or LeafSnap to help identify what tree you are working as well as identify symptoms specific to such species.

Growing Fungus Near Tree’s Base?

Don’t worry about mosses, in most cases it is natural. Moss combined with fungi is an indication that the tree is growing at slow pace but not a sign that the tree is dead, as what professionals said.

Rather, you should be on the lookout for fungi and mushrooms as this is an indication that the tree is dying.

Showing Roots Along the Ground?

It may, but not immediately on a danger, rather it will likely make the tree vulnerable to harm due to weather, animals and humans which could lead to the need for its removal.

Green Underneath the Bark?

Scratch test is usually the easiest way and recommended by professionals. Scratch a little bit of a branch and look for cambium or the layer of green tissue underneath. That means that the tree is alive. If there is no visible green layer, it means that the area where you did the test is dead, but doesn’t mean the entire tree is dead. Redo the test as needed.

Always Make Sure!

Always ensure that the tree is actually dying or dead before you decide to cut it down. It is best to seek a qualified professional  arborist to look for the condition of your tree. 

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